Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Preparation & Flash cards

Recently I passed the 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions certification from Microsoft, it was great to learn and earn certification in technology that is revolutionising the way IT works. I found it took more effort to source material to prepare, to help others I’ve listed articles, books and videos I referred during my preparation. Microsoft Virtual Academy I would recommend MVA to everybody, it has loads of courses on Azure which are updated regularly.

Courses which I couldn’t complete but I feel should help:

Ebooks Exam reference book from Microsoft Press: 70-532 Microsoft has provided lot of free ebooks on Azure which are available here Microsoft Ebooks Guidance checklists Good checklists which provide insight on getting most out of Azure.

Azure Documentation In addition to above references it is very helpful to go through the Documentation at Azure website, I found the documentation on MSDN to be more detailed. Flash cards Spending some time refreshing on previously studied material every day is suggested so you do not overwhelm yourself at the end trying to refresh your memory. I used Anki flash cards application which is intelligent,based on some algorithm which predicts when you will forget content in that card, enough to remind you to read. During my preparation I worked to prepare my flash card deck, If you would like to use it you can download from link below. Please note this deck is not complete nor sufficient to pass the exam. Azure.apkg Note: Remove .doc at end of file name and import into Anki application. You have to practice a lot to get comfortable designing and developing applications on Azure platform. I will keep updating this list as and when I find material. Hope this list helps you. Good luck with the test!